Visiting Scholar Programs

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Visiting Scholars - Sabbaticals and Sandwich Scholars

More than 480 faculty and research scholars from universities worldwide come to WSU each year to collaborate with leading faculty and researchers in a broad spectrum of fields.  Several professors work with the Allen School each year and have been involved in research projects covering antibiotic resistance, pathogenesis, and epidemiology of infectious disease. Once here, we provide both space and training in the Allen Center facilities. If our current research will help you expand your work, feel free to contact us with any questions.
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International Training - Working Professionals

The short-term training program provides specific training in laboratory diagnostics and surveillance for working professionals in African animal health institutions. This program is targeted for those working in sub-Saharan Africa. We continue to support the training of working professionals by development and mentoring of on-line programs as well as providing specific and individualized training to our partners in the East Africa program. In doing so, we will use the "train the trainer" approach to ensure long-term sustainability.
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Global Projects

Allen School team members in Africa.

The Paul G. Allen School for Global Health supports many initiatives across the world. In addition to smaller regional programs, we have major efforts in rabies elimination and antimicrobial resistance.
Allen School Initiatives