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Ofer Amram

Ofer Amram

Assistant Professor

Room: 509-368-6863


Dr. Amram, MSc, PhD, completed a joint PhD from Simon Fraser University in Canada (Geography department) and Ben Gurion University in Israel (Faculty of Health Sciences) focusing on the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to support evidence-based decision making in health research. In his work, he relies heavily on spatial analysis, cartography and visualization for knowledge translation. His research focuses on the relationship between space, place and health outcomes, particularly how individual, contextual and environmental factors impact disease rates and clinical outcomes and how access to health services affects health outcomes and service utilization.

My research focuses on the use of mapping to identify and investigate health issues.  Mapping can be a great tool to analyze and visualize health data and can help identify relationships that would otherwise be difficult to detect. For example, mapping can be used to identify locations where diseases occur which can help address the problem in faster and more efficient way.

My work spans multiple disciplines within health and social science in order to examine how geography impacts health, and more specifically, how social and environmental conditions shape the health of populations.  It also helps to identify and address gaps in access to health services.

In my research, I use spatial and temporal modelling to identify, explain and visualize the relationship between social and environmental conditions and health.  Access to health care services and its impact on health outcomes is another major theme in my work. If you interested in learning more, please visit the Community Health and Spatial Epidemiology Lab website at www.chaselab.org