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James Futse

James Futse

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Dr. Futse is a Wellcome Trust Fellow in Public Health and Tropical Medicine and works to improve control of tick-borne infectious diseases that cause disease and death in livestock in West Africa. Livestock health affects both the economic and food security of smallholder farmers.

Dr. Futse’s primary research, supported by the Wellcome Trust and the International Foundation for Science, consists of:

  • Determining the genetic and antigenic relationships of West African strains of Anaplasma marginale, as compared to prototypical North American strains and current vaccine strains.
  • Defining the impact of vector-borne disease on livestock production in Ghana.
  • Developing vaccines to improve control of livestock disease in Ghana and throughout West Africa.

Dr. Futse is an active mentor for graduate students at the University of Ghana and serves as an on-site mentor for WSU Global Animal Health Pathway students within the Allen School.