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Paul G. Allen School for Global Health Team

We are very proud of the interdisciplinary team that supports the Paul G. Allen School for Global Health. Our team of acclaimed scholars, exceptional staff, and dedicated graduate students are making outstanding contributions to the health of animals and people worldwide. The unique aspect of our work on the human-animal interface has attracted team members with talent and focus. With more than 50 faculty and staff and 45 students from 22 different countries, the Allen School is a leader in interdisciplinary discovery, development, and implementation of global health and development solutions. Most importantly, the Allen School is a unified team with common goals to support professional achievement and to advance science and policy.

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Allen School researcher with grad student

Faculty Profiles

The Allen School is home to dedicated faculty who often work in multiple departments. Since much of our work requires interdisciplinary resources, our faculty is committed to excellent communications and collaboration between departments. Our facilities also allows us to host visiting faculty from around the world.
Allen School Faculty Profiles
Allen School Research

Allen School team member in the field.

Fellows and Students

Our graduate programs and the resources available to our postdoctoral team are unsurpassed. Our students come from the Immunology and Infectious Diseases, NIH Protein Biotechnology, and Interdisciplinary programs. Our fellows come from around the world to continue their research in global health.
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Postdoctoral Fellow Profiles
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Allen School Staff

Research and Administrative Staff

The Allen School’s staff and technicians support our shared mission of improving public health and catalyzing human opportunity.
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Paul G. Allen Center

Facilities and the Campus

The Allen School is privileged to work in the Paul G. Allen Center for Global Health. The 62,000-square-foot, three-story research building houses a state-of-the-art infectious disease research center for investigating emerging diseases throughout the world. The Allen School also supports satellite facilities worldwide.
Allen Center and Facilities