World Rabies Day

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World Rabies Day 2020

Rabies Free Africa is launching the Rabies Hero campaign for World Rabies Day 2020. We are encouraging veterinary professionals to host vaccination clinics to prevent outbreaks of diseases like parvovirus, distemper, and most importantly rabies. Beyond preventing outbreaks, hosting clinics will give your hospital the chance to increase business and help people in your community who may be struggling with financial hardship. We want to help people keep their pets and not relinquish them to shelters as we know this is good for the animals, owners and community.

Below are resources for hosting a vaccination clinic in a safe way. The suggestions are centered on ways to focus promotion and provide care to clients in safe, socially distant ways. Veterinary hospitals should adhere to all state and local guidelines for social distancing, wearing masks and other recommendations to limit the transmission of COVID-19. 


Be a Rabies Hero Partner

Veterinary hospitals should host the vaccination clinic that works best to help clients, fit company culture, and meet community needs while adhering to state and local guidelines to prevent COVID-19 transmission. 

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Digital Content

Below are digital versions of the Rabies Hero campaign printed materials. The flyer has options for the campaign as well as versions that can be customized with individual clinic logos.

Flyers coming soon

Rabies Hero Toolkit Order Form

Does your clinic have a Facebook page?

Please send our hospital the following printed materials:

Rabies Hero Materials

To add your clinic logo and print custom flyers, see digital content.

Rabies Free Africa General Materials

For digital versions of other Rabies Free Africa materials, visit our toolkit.

Marketing your Vaccination Clinic

We encourage your veterinary hospital to find creative ways to promote the Rabies Hero campaign that fits with your business model, company culture and community needs while adhering to state and local guidelines to prevent COVID-19 transmission. 

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Invoice Language 

We are proud to partner with Rabies Free Africa for the Rabies Hero campaign in recognition of World Rabies Day. $1 of the rabies vaccine administered today will be donated to support this cause. For more information visit

Financial Support

To make an online donation to Rabies Free Africa, visit the website.

To make a gift by mail, send a check payable to the Washington State University Foundation to the address found here

Social Media

Posts about the Rabies Hero campaign will be available on the website starting in August. We will also be posting to our social media pages on a regular basis and encourage you to share from there. Most of our posts will be on Facebook. 


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