World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day Resources

Thank you for your support in raising awareness of Rabies Free Africa on World Rabies Day. We will be posting special content for World Rabies Day between September 16-28. Feel free to share posts from one of our social media channels or post the content yourself. 

Eliminate Rabies Campaign Infographic
Rabies is the deadliest zoonotic disease on the planet. About every 9 minutes someone dies from this preventable disease. Learn how you can make a difference at #EndRabies #WorldRabiesDay #Zeroby30

Vaccines to prevent rabies in dogs and cats work
By working with regional and national governments, Rabies Free Africa ensures that programs are sustainable and include people from the region in the design and implementation. This increases the likelihood of long-term success. #EndRabies #WorldRabiesDay

70% of dogs in an area need to be vaccinated to maintain pack immunity
70% of dogs in a community need vaccines on an annual basis to stop rabies. The Rabies Free Africa team is doing this in Kenya and Tanzania. We are proud to be their partner. Check out their great work at #WorldRabiesDay #EndRabies #Zeroby30

Felix Lankster Quote
95% of global rabies deaths occur in Africa and Asia. In Africa about 21,500 people die each year. By vaccinating dogs, the Rabies Free Africa team is saving lives each year. #EndRabies #WorldRabiesDay

Impact 2018 Kenya
We partner with Rabies Free Africa to eliminate rabies worldwide. Join us in supporting the great work they are doing in Kenya and Tanzania at #WorldRabiesDay #EndRabies

Vaccinate Your Dog Save a Child's Life
Rabies is easily preventable with regular dog vaccinations. Together with Rabies Free Africa, we are working to eliminate rabies in Africa, India and other parts of the world where 99% of rabies cases are found. #EndRabies #WorldRabiesDay