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Program Update - August 2019

Aug 1, 2019

Training is underway for field officers in Tanzania. In early July, a workshop was held for 52 livestock field officers and one health champions from Tarime, Roya and Butiama districts. The aim of the meeting was to train livestock field officers and one health champions on different vaccination strategies, which will be piloted in the three districts between July 2019 and June 2020.

Leveraging research from Dr. Felix Lankester on the thermo-stability of the rabies vaccine, our team is looking for ways to decrease the cost of vaccination programs, especially those in rural communities with limited resources. The project will test the viability of leveraging livestock field officers who utilize stores of rabies vaccines kept in local villages in clay “refrigerators”.
The field officer group was educated on the past, current and future plans for rabies control efforts in the Mara region. They also talked about the World Health Organization Zero by 30 initiative and how their work will contribute toward achieving that goal.

During the training, the livestock field officers and the one health champions received instruction about how rabies is spread and how it can be controlled through mass dog vaccination. Following this, the officers were taught how they can deliver mass dog vaccinations to their communities using thermotolerant vaccines. 

In addition to receiving training about how to store vaccines and inoculate dogs and cats, they were also taught how to collect data on smart phones. This data will be used to determine how effective the new mass dog vaccination delivery strategy is. 

The feedback our team received was that the training was very successful. The trainees shared that they are excited to undertake their role and responsibilities as part of this research initiative.

Following the training, the livestock field officers and one health champions are now ready to begin delivering mass dog vaccination campaigns of their own and at the beginning of August each officer returned to their respective communities to begin this important work. 

This project would not be possible without your support. We will keep you updated on future progress.

World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day is September 28. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about the burden of rabies prevention and control efforts worldwide. We hope you will join us in sharing messages leading up to this important day to your clients and colleagues.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to promote the cause. We will have updated online resources available for you at a special link that we will send out at the beginning of September. If you need any of the printed materials restocked at your clinic, we encourage you to put in an order soon. The materials can be found on the clinic toolkit. Orders can be submitted online or by emailing rabiesfreeafrica@wsu.edu.

Posts on the Rabies Free Africa social media accounts will begin on September 16. You are welcome to share our posts or add the content directly to your account. The content will be available on the link shared in early September. If your clinic is on social media and not already following one of our pages, we encourage you to do so (we should be following you – if we are not let us know!).

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Thank you for helping leverage this day to create more awareness for this cause.

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