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Rabies Hero Toolkit

Welcome to the Rabies Hero Veterinary Clinic Toolkit. Rabies Hero is the name we use for all clinic partners because you are a hero in eliminating rabies globally.

As a Rabies Hero, we encourage you to host vaccination programs to help prevent disease outbreaks in your local community as well as worldwide.

There are a lot of resources below to help you promote the program. If you have additional questions, contact Christie Cotterill at 206-219-2402 or rabiesfreeafrica@wsu.edu.

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Program Overview

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Rabies FAQ

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Digital Resources

Download the images below to use on digital screens or on your website. We encourage our clinic partners to add one of the sponsor badges to their website and link to rabiesfreeafrica.org.

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Financial Support

Financial contributions to Rabies Free Africa can be made online or through the mail. Veterinary partners can choose to make donations on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis. All donations go to the WSU Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The IRS tax identification number for the Foundation is 91-1075542.

To make an online donation, visit the WSU Foundation website.
To make a gift by mail, make the check payable to the WSU Foundation. Include the Rabies Free Africa donation card or another indication that it is for this program and send it to:
Development and Alumni Relations
WSU College of Veterinary Medicine
PO  Box 647010
Pullman, WA 99164-7010

Event Resources

Invoice Language

The language below can be used at the bottom of clinic invoices to share with clients what the donation will support.

We are proud to partner with Rabies Free Africa to eliminate rabies as a global public health concern. $1 of the rabies vaccine administered today will be donated to support this cause. For more information visit www.rabiesfreeafrica.org.

Social Media

Help us spread the word. Share/Retweet a Rabies Free Africa post from one of our social media accounts shown or use one of our premade options below. We send regular updates in the newsletter with new information that can be shared on your social media pages.

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Our partners at WSU vaccinated over 260,000 dogs in Kenya and Tanzania last year. Plus, any cats they came across! Kids bring their dogs, sometimes from miles away, as many of them have personally witnessed the devastating effects rabies has on people and animals. We are proud to support the effort to eliminate human and animal death from rabies in East Africa. To learn more visit www.rabiesfreeafrica.org. #EliminateRabies
Eliminating human death from rabies will only happen when we all work together. Rabies Free Kenya Program Director Dr. Thumbi Mwangi, works with the Kenyan government to design a program that emphasizes vaccinating dogs, creates access to treatment for people who were bitten, and a health surveillance system so future resources can be best deployed. www.rabiesfreeafrica.org #EliminateRabies #ZeroBy30
Rabies is easily preventable with regular dog vaccinations. Together with Rabies Free Africa, we are working to eliminate rabies in Africa, India, and other parts of Asia where 99 percent of rabies cases are found. Learn what you can do at www.rabiesfreeafrica.org #EliminateRabies #AllenSchool #WSU #rabies
We are proud to have partnered with Rabies Free Africa to eliminate rabies worldwide. Learn how you can help at www.rabiesfreeafrica.org #EliminateRabies #AllenSchool #WSU #rabies
Rabies is the deadliest zoonotic disease on the planet. Each year more than 59,000 people die from rabies. One-half of deaths are children under the age of 16. Learn how you can help at www.rabiesfreeafrica.org #EliminateRabies #AllenSchool #WSU #rabies
A big challenge in eliminating human rabies in rural communities is keeping the vaccine cold. Rabies Free Africa researcher Dr. Felix Lankester discovered that the vaccine is more thermal tolerant than previously thought. This research is exciting as programs can now be created to reach people in very remote communities with limited access to health care. We are proud to support this program. www.rabiesfreeafrica.org #EliminateRabies #ZeroBy30


Our partners @WSUGlobalHealth vaccinated over 260,000 dogs in Kenya and Tanzania last year. Kids bring dogs, sometimes from miles away, as many of them have personally witnessed the devastating effects of rabies. Join us in the cause at www.rabiesfreeafrica.org. #eliminaterabies
We partner with Rabies Free Africa to eliminate rabies worldwide. Learn more at www.rabiesfreeafrica.org #EliminateRabies #AllenSchool #WSU #rabies
$100 for rabies bite treatment when you make $2/day? More cost effective to vaccinate dogs! Important work. #EliminateRabies! #ZeroBy30 #WSUGlobalHealth rabiesfreeafrica.org
70% of dogs in a community need vaccines to stop rabies. @WSUGlobalHealth #rabies team does this in Africa. Proud to be a partner with www.RabiesFreeAfrica.org #EliminateRabies
“Thermotolerant rabies vaccine is a game changer as we can leverage local resources.” @felixjlankester #EliminateRabies #ZeroBy30 @WSUGlobalHealth www.rabiesfreeafrica.org


We are proud to partner with Rabies Free Africa to eliminate rabies worldwide. Join the fight at www.rabiesfreeafrica.org #EliminateRabies #AllenSchool #WSU #rabies
Each year more than 60,000 people die of rabies; more than half are children under 16. Learn more at www.rabiesfreeafrica.org #EliminateRabies #AllenSchool #WSU #rabies

YouTube Video

Below are links to several videos about the program.

Join Us to Eliminate Rabies Worldwide

By partnering with Rabies Free Africa, our clinic is working to put an end to rabies deaths.  Although rabies is under control in developed countries, it still kills roughly 60,000 each year in Africa and Asia.  About half of those deaths are children.  

We have formed this partnership so that together with our clients we can make a global impact – one that will save the lives of dogs and the people who care for them. And, by working with Rabies Free Africa, we are already making a difference. The program in east Africa vaccinates hundreds of dogs each day.

By 2030, the goal is to reduce the number of human deaths to zero. We believe that together with our clients and other veterinary clinics across the state, we can help move closer to that goal.

Please join us in the effort to eliminate rabies worldwide. A $10 gift will vaccinate a child's dog from rabies and distemper, another major cause of mortality in young dogs. A gift of any amount will move us closer to a world where no child or dog dies from rabies. Together we can end rabies deaths.

Rabies Free Africa