Rabies Free Africa | Partner Clinics

Community Veterinary Clinic

Feb 3, 2022

Community Veterinary Clinic in Vero Beach, Florida has been supporting the Rabies Free Africa program since 2016. The clinic is owned by Dr. John Clark and Rachel Clark. They also started Rabies Warriors, a non-profit that vaccinates dogs in Malawi.

“Our involvement with Rabies Free Africa has been such a rewarding experience. Their team is incredible, and we are so honored to be a part of such an impactful organization. We would like to say thank you for the support and guidance they have extended to us.”

Why is being involved with Rabies Free Africa important to you?
Our involvement with Rabies Free Africa is one of my favorite things about our clinic. It allows our team members and our clients to feel connected to a larger community, and it is such an incredible privilege to be part of a project that saves human and canine lives. As we have a personal connection to Africa it is so rewarding to be involved with the Rabies Free Africa team in Malawi and see the amazing work that is being done on the continent.

How is your clinic involved with the program?
We donate $1 for every rabies vaccine given in our clinic as well as work with Rabies Free Africa to sponsor and execute a series of mass rabies vaccine campaigns in northern Malawi. The on the ground work is so rewarding and we hope to be able to be back this year vaccinating in person. We also hold a tennis tournament every year called Rally for Rabies and raise money for the vaccine campaigns in Malawi.

Do you have any personal experience with rabies?
When we were in Malawi in 2019, we vaccinated outside of a school. As we were playing with the kids and vaccinating dogs one of the staff members told us that two of the school children had died from rabies a few months prior. That was the first time it really hit home that the work we are doing is so important. It is literally saving someone's child.

What do you do when you are not at the clinic?
When we are not in the clinic we like to travel. Hoping to start again soon!