Rabies Free Africa | Partner Clinics

Seattle Veterinary Associates

Sep 21, 2021
Veterinarian examining black puppyVeterinarian examining black cat

Seattle Veterinary Associates has been supporting Rabies Free Africa since 2017. The group is comprised of four veterinary clinics: Green Lake Animal Hospital, Ravenna Animal Hospital, Queen Anne Animal Clinic and Northwest Veterinary Hospital.

Why is being involved with Rabies Free Africa important to you?Being a part of disease prevention is such an important part of what we do in the veterinary community. In the last year, every one of us has seen the outcome of a virus that traveled unchecked around the world. This alone has been a great reminder of the importance of thinking outside our own community.  Knowing the devastating effect rabies has on both humans and animals, it only makes sense to us to be part of the solution to eliminate the disease globally.
How is your clinic involved with the program?
We have been donating to Rabies Free Africa since 2017. We educate our clients about the program and the positive effect their vaccination choice makes to their community as well as the world.

Do you have any personal experience with rabies?
Thankfully, our experience in Seattle is limited to occasional bat encounters during the warmer months. The rarity of rabies in our area is fantastic, but has the unfortunate outcome that many people do not take the threat of rabies as seriously as they should. Our hope is to never have to tell an owner their pet may have rabies because of their choice not to vaccinate.

What do you do when you are not at the clinic?
So many people have added pets to their homes that all of us find ourselves routinely overwhelmed by the amount of work we’re doing on a daily basis. As a business we are doing our best to find ways to make work more fun, rewarding, and fulfilling. One of these things is making sure our staff know that the work they do has a broader reach than just the patients they see every day. We encourage staff to go home on time and have added additional team members to help everyone keep that work-life balance that is so important right now. We know, without a doubt, that their pets appreciate the bonding time, too!

Anything else you would like to share?
We are proud to be involved in supporting the Rabies Free Africa program, WSU’s veterinary program, and the many animal-related groups in Seattle and the surrounding area. 2021 marks our 50th year in business. We look forward to continue living our mission to “make life better for people and their pets,” something we think Rabies Free Africa embodies.