Rabies Free Africa | Partner Clinics

Dr. K's Pet Clinic

Sep 21, 2021

Dr. K holding a dog.

Dr. K's Pet Clinic (Nampa, Idaho) has been supporting Rabies Free Africa since 2017.  The core value of the team is a deep belief in doing the right thing. "It means taking care of every pet with the same standards that we would our own. It means caring for every person like we would care for a friend."

Why is being involved with Rabies Free Africa important to you?
Being a part of Rabies Free Africa allows us to do a small part to make our world a safer place by providing vaccines for pets. 
How is your clinic involved with the program?
We have been donating to Rabies Free Africa since 2017. Our clinic donates $1 per rabies vaccine given in our clinic. 
Do you have any personal experience with rabies?
Thankfully, I have not seen any cases of rabies in companion animals. There are occasionally cases of rabies in bats where we live. 
What do you do when you are not at the clinic?
I enjoy physical activities like playing tennis, golfing, bird watching, fishing and working out.