Rabies Free Africa | Partner Clinics

Wandermere Animal Hospital

Jan 18, 2017
Supporting RFA from Spokane, Washington since 2017.

Dr. Carrie McCorkle and her dogDr. Sherry Moore and her dog Fiona 

Since 2017, Wandermere Animal Hospital in Spokane, Washington has been supporting Rabies Free Africa. We asked co-owners Dr. Carrie McCorkle and Dr. Sherri Moore what drew them to the program and why they continue to support. 

Why is being involved with Rabies Free Africa important to you?
We were shocked when we heard the statistics about rabies cases in Africa. Living in a first world nation and especially a region of the country with very low rabies cases, you tend to forget that it is still a major issue and cause of death in other parts of the world. We figured if we as veterinary professionals, who actually talk about rabies and vaccines with our clients daily, didn't realize the impact the virus was having in Africa, then your average person sure isn't going to.  We wanted to join the fight and conversation to get education out to the public and to monetarily help the program where we could.

In todays climate of self centered "me first" attitudes, I think it's especially important to step back and ask "how can I help make the world be better". There are so many causes to fight for and no one can support them all, but we can chose one or two and find a way to contribute.

How is your clinic involved with the program?
Our clinic donates $1 for every rabies vaccine we administer to the Rabies Free Africa Campaign. We also try to pass along information about the program through social media.

Do you have any personal experience with rabies?
Thankfully no. We've been vaccinated ourselves and been in situations where we were bit by unvaccinated dogs but never had to go through prophylaxis injections. Ultimately we live in an area of the country where the overall risk is very slim because it is only endemic in our bat population. We have had to send off a few bats for testing, however when a client's pet (or they themselves) were exposed.  

What do you do when you are not at the clinic?
We are lucky to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where we can enjoy hiking, kayaking, and so many outdoor activities! 

Anything else you would like to share?
Another interesting thing about our clinic is that we are entirely female owned and operated! We started our clinic with Dr. Linda Wood in August of 2005. She is now enjoying retirement. Dr. Sherry Moore just became a grandmother for the first time (yes, to a human child). Dr. Carrie McCorkle is getting a new wirehaired pointer pup in early December, her first puppy in over 17 years! We also have an associate veterinarian Dr. Sara Shaw.