Rabies Free Africa | Partner Clinics

McMonigle Veterinary Hospital

Jun 1, 2016

Dr. Rob  McMonigle.Rob McMonigle, a 1998 Cougar alumnus and owner of the hospital, joined Rabies Free Africa in 2016. Since that time, the clinic has donated $1 for every rabies vaccination at the clinic, or about $400 to $500 every quarter when the vaccinations are tallied.

"It only takes about five minutes out of your practice manager's day to pull the numbers and post something on social media," McMonigle said. "It just makes sense. There's no real hard work involved and you have the potential to save a life."

In 2019, McMonigle Veterinary Hospital donated $1,754 to eliminate rabies in East Africa.

"I can put myself in their shoes in an instant and know the problem shouldn't exist," McMonigle said." Even though I haven't seen rabies firsthand, it's important to do something whether it's in our backyard or theirs.