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All Creatures Animal Hospital

Jun 1, 2016

Dr. Nottingham with a border collie.Since 2016, Sig Nottingham, Coe Lindner and Eileen Lindner - all DVM alumni from WSU - have been giving $1 for every rabies vaccination administered at All Creatures Animal Hospital in Puyallup, Wash. For Nottingham, it is just one of the many ways he can support human health from the veterinary half of medicine.

It’s also a way to back the One Health mission - the premise that human health is directly tied to the health of animals and the environment. “Sixty-thousand people die from rabies and it is preventable through mass-dog vaccination,” Nottingham said. “I have always thought human medicine could use veterinary medicine more than they do. This is a way for veterinarians to directly impact human health.”

Nottingham said veterinarians will always aid human health by identifying zoonotic diseases but combating those diseases is the next step. “It is a difficult time right now for everybody and some clinics are struggling but people can’t forget about the impact they can make,” he said.