Disease Surveillance

Allen School Disease Surveillance

The Paul G. Allen School for Global Health is involved in a variety of national and international disease surveillance programs. By focusing on processes involved in human-animal interactions that lead to the spread of disease researchers can look for intervention and prevention opportunities. Additionally, team members study the ways in which communities are effected by the results. Allen School faculty members work at the WADDL facilities in Washington State and various locations across Africa.

Dr Evermann's Lab team.

Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)

Since its creation in 1974, WADDL's primary objective has been to serve the state of Washington. WADDL has a responsibility to provide timely results to safeguard the health of livestock, pets, poultry, and fish in the Pacific Northwest and to protect the public from zoonotic diseases. Advice and consultation are provided to practicing veterinarians, animal industry groups, state and federal regulatory officials, and physicians.


Map of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network

National Animal Health Laboratory Network

The Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL) is a founding member of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network. Implemented in 2003, this network of 12 regional laboratories is responsible for surveillance of and response to exotic disease outbreaks affecting livestock. As a part of the network, the WADDL works closely with USDA in developing, validating and implementing high throughput molecular assays for eight different exotic agents, all of which are considered high priority agroterrorist pathogens, including Foot and Mouth Disease, Classical Swine Fever, Exotic Newcastle Disease, Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza and others.

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Global Health Phase II Facilities
Timothy Baszler Biography (Executive Director of WADDL)

Disease surveillance personnel with children in Kenya.

WSU Global Health Kenya

Dr. Kariuki Njenga acts as country director for WSU Global Health – Kenya. Working out of the University of Nairobi, he and his team focus their research on emerging infectious diseases in the region. Their research looks at enhancing capacity for disease surveillance and outbreak management at the Ministry of Livestock Development in Kenya.

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Kariuki Njenga Biography (Director of WSU Global Health - Kenya)