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The Paul G. Allen School for Global Health maintains a close collaboration with the Center for Health Studies at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala located in Guatemala City. Investigators with this program embrace the values of equity in health and opportunity for all people through their research, education and outreach activities across community, hospital, animal and environmental interfaces. Our work includes close collaborations with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance of Guatemala (MSPAS), and with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Guatemala Team

Our Team

We are very proud of the team that supports the Paul G. Allen School for Global Health. Our team of acclaimed scholars, exceptional administrative staff, and dedicated graduate students are making outstanding contributions to the health of animals and people worldwide.


Grants from the Wellcome trust

Current Grants

Our Wellcome Trust grant focuses on determining the effects of pediatric vaccination status on the burden of antimicrobial-resistant commensal organisms. The CDC Cooperative Agreement is an integrated surveillance platform for infectious diseases and their burden on antibiotic resistance.


Guatemala Research  Image Credit: CDC Central America

Our Research

Our research in Guatemala examines how different factors in people's daily lives affect the likelihood that they are colonized with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The factors include antibiotic use, cultural practices, sanitation and hygiene. Our long-term goal is to use this research to develop and test potential interventions, help guide public health policy in Guatemala, and to compare findings with different locations including Kenya.



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