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Dr. Guy Palmer recognizes the legacy of Bill Gates Sr. to global animal health

- Sep 28, 2020

PULLMAN, Wash. - “Twelve years ago, the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health was established at Washington State University in large part due to the vision of Bill Gates Sr. His ability to embrace and support the need to address the research gap of human and animal health connections is seen today as we work to address the ramifications of emerging infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

“We are incredibly grateful for his leadership in the early years as we developed multidisciplinary, in-country, community-based education, connecting Washington state to east and central Africa, Central America, and southeast Asia. The Allen School has catalyzed his initial vision by growing substantially into an international research presence to improve human and animal health.

“We commit to carry on his legacy and send our warmest, deepest condolences to his family and all who had the great opportunity to know him.”