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WADDL’s state of the art facility on track to be completed in 2021

WSU CVM - Jun 3, 2019

WADDL’s state of the art facility on track to be completed in 2021

Full funding secured for the state’s laboratory

PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) facility for the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL), creating a new wing of the Paul G. Allen Center for Global Animal Health is on track for completion in early 2021.

On April 28, the Washington State Legislature approved $36.4 million to complete construction of the new $61.9M WADDL facility. This facility marks a new era in diagnostic testing and disease surveillance, supporting public health and food security, animal health, and the success of our thriving livestock industries.

Construction has been bustling since fall of 2018. Design is done and construction is approximately 20% complete. More information on the investments in action can be found here. The design-build team of Bouten Construction Company and Perkins + Will Inc., are excellent partners and delivering progress each day toward WADDL’s 2021 opening.

Dr. Tim Baszler, Executive Director of WADDL stated, “The guidance of our stakeholders and elected leadership in support of this important facility in human and animal health has been critical. On behalf of WADDL we want to thank them as an important part of this great success. The new facility will strengthen and expand capacity and capability for WADDL as a critical resource for the state, region, and nation, ensuring that WSU remains an industry leader in disease surveillance, diagnostics, innovative research, and education on a global scale.”

When complete in 2021, the WADDL facility will provide the enhanced workflow, biosafety, and biosecurity required for increased testing capacity, discovery, and regulatory compliance.

WADDL is Washington State’s laboratory

WADDL conducts more than 250,000 tests annually and that number is growing. Since 1974, WADDL’s testing demand has increased more than 250 percent with 2.5 million tests conducted in the last 10 years. WADDL is the only animal health diagnostic laboratory in Washington State officially sanctioned and funded to provide comprehensive animal, food, and environmental surveillance. As such, WADDL is a critical health resource for food animal production agriculture, veterinarians, companion animal owners, and other state and federal agencies, including the Washington State Department of Agriculture, Washington State Department of Health, USDA, FDA, and CDC.

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