Life in Pullman, Washington

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Where is Pullman?

The main campus of Washington State University and the Allen School are located in Pullman, Washington, part of the Palouse region of southeastern Washington. While most drive to Pullman, there is also an airport (Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport) with daily service from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Pullman is also about 10 miles from Moscow, Idaho, home to the University of Idaho. Between the two communities, there are more than 50,000 people supporting two major universities.

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What is it like to live in Pullman?

While living here, you will have access to the many WSU and community events held throughout the year. Pullman hosts a variety of wineries, breweries and activities including seasonal farmers markets, small film festivals, and the National Lentil Festival in summer.

In addition to local activities, there are also a variety of parks and recreational outdoor activities for weekend exploring. Palouse Falls State Park, Wawawai County Park, Kamiak Butte County Park, and Steptoe Butte State Park are only some of the day trips possible when students, faculty and staff are looking for a break from the campus.

If you are coming to the Allen School with your family, Pullman is also proud to be a family-friendly community with great schools and safe environments.

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A Place to Focus

One of the advantages of the WSU campus is the ability for students to focus and achieve exceptional success. Life in Pullman allows Allen School family of all levels to take advantage of the college experience while focusing on the interdisciplinary academic projects that mean the most to them. You will have the time and resources to be a part of research projects that change the lives of animals and people around the world.

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Lifetime Connections

The nature of Pullman also offers the opportunity to build lifetime connections with other students, researchers, and faculty. As students focus on their projects, graduate students are able to form bonds with their mentors that help them navigate their time in school and future postgraduate work in critical areas of research.

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The WSU Family

As a graduate of WSU, students become part of a larger family. Job opportunities for the Coug Nation alumni abound. As a WSU graduate, you will experience a steadfast and lifetime bond with Cougs around the world. As a member of the WSU community, you will become a welcome part of this passionate extended family.

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