Administrative/Technical Staff Profile

Murugan Subbiah

Murugan Subbiah

Assistant Research Professor


Murugan Subbiah’s research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and how to preserve the effectiveness of current antibiotics.  He is currently determining how economic and social practices of people living in low-income countries impact the dynamics of antimicrobial resistance in animals and people.


His research interests are,

  • Understanding how human-animal interactions could impact the emergence, amplification, persistence and dissemination of antibiotic resistance.
  • Implementing target-oriented intervention strategies to diminish or eliminate antibiotic resistance reservoirs in food-animal production systems.
  • Determining the contribution of food-animal-originated antibiotic resistant bacteria in the etiology of non-enteric diseases in people.
  • Identifying innovative strategies to inactivate bacterial resistance mechanisms and thus protect the life-saving antibiotics for future generations.

Dr. Subbiah is an Assistant Research Professor in the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health.

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