Faculty Profile

Jonathan Yoder

Jonathan Yoder




Dr. Yoder is currently involved in the modeling of household economic outcomes relating to livestock and human health in Kenya.

Dr. Yoder's research is in:

  • Economic analysis of livestock and zoonotic disease, policy interventions and economic development implication for smallholder household economies.
  • Public policy design and assessment, the economics of law, applied econometrics, natural resource and environmental economics.

Dr. Yoder is a professor in the School of Economic Sciences at WS, adjunct faculty with the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, and Director of the State of Washington Water Research Center. He works in collaboration with CDC Kenya and the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI). He is involved with projects examining the economic impact of East Coast fever vaccination in Kenya and the costs of malignant catarrhal fever to Maasai pastoralists in Tanzania. Dr. Yoder also studies the economics of canine rabies vaccination and post-exposure prophylaxis in Tanzania and Kenya.