Faculty Profile

Allison James

Allison James

Clinical Assistant Professor


Phone: (509) 335-4058



Dr. James is a veterinarian with expertise in public health and infectious disease. As a junior faculty member, she is involved in teaching in the veterinary curriculum as well as research. Her main topic of research is the epidemiology of Relapsing Fever in East Africa, a neglected, tick-borne bacterial disease. Dr. James is also interested in a number of issues related to the human-animal interface, including animal-source food consumption and childhood nutritional health.

Education, Training and Awards:

BS – Michigan State University (2005)
DVM – Michigan State University (2009)
MPH – University of Minnesota (2009)
PhD – Washington State University (2016)

2010-2012- Achievement Rewards for College Scientists, Fellowship Recipient
2013-2014 – Cora May Poncin Fellowship

General Research / Expertise:

My core research training is on the topic of host-pathogen interactions, specifically on how Borreliae are able to maintain persistent infections in their human and animal hosts. Currently, my research focus is on the contribution of Relapsing Fever Borreliae in East Africa to undiagnosed febrile illness. I am also involved in a number of smaller projects across the spectrum of veterinary public health, with topics including food security in Kenya and domestic zoonoses.