Why Partner with WSU

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Join clinics from across the country to create a world where no one dies from rabies. The goal is no human deaths by 2030.

Why Partner with WSU?

The WSU Allen School is a primary academic partner with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, an international organization whose mission is to prevent human deaths from rabies and reduce the incidence of rabies in dog populations. Our research discoveries are helping to increase the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns around the world.

  • An estimated 70 percent of dogs in a community must be vaccinated to reach herd immunity and prevent the spread of rabies through dog bites to other dogs, wildlife, and people.
  • Rabies vaccines stored at warmer than recommended temperatures still protect against the disease in dogs. This funding could lead to improved vaccination coverage in hard to reach, rural areas in Africa and Asia where electricity is limited.
  • By reaching herd immunity in dogs (70 percent vaccination rate), it will prevent rabies from spreading to wildlife, such as lions. Dogs, rather than wildlife, are the reservoir for the disease in Africa and Asia.
If your clinic is looking for information on how to promote this program at your office, contact Christie Cotterill at 206-219-2402 or eliminaterabies@vetmed.wsu.edu