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Caption: New Allen School graduate students (left to right): Amos Peterson, Sylvia Omulo, Jessica Klein, Deo Mshanga, and Craigen Nes (not pictured: Geoffrey Grzesiak and Reiko Weigel)

The Allen School welcomed seven new graduate students and fellow for the fall semester: Geoffrey Grzesiak, Jessica Klein, Deogratius “Deo” Mshanga, Craigen Nes, Sylvia Omulo, Amos Peterson, and Reiko Weigel. Deo, based in Tanzania, and Sylvia, based in Kenya, are active collaborators in the East Africa Program.

Allison Eavey James, a postdoctoral fellow in the Allen School, has been appointed to the Trainee Advisory Committee of the Consortium of Universities in Global Health. Her role will be to advise the board on how best to engage future leaders in global health across the health disciplines and to structure the annual meeting. Dr Eavey James holds a doctorate of veterinary medicine from Michigan State and a masters of public health from the University of Minnesota. She is conducting her doctoral research with Dr Troy Bankhead.

Kenitra Hammac completed her doctorate under the mentorship of Dr. Kelly Brayton. Kenitra, who was supported in part by the NIH Training Program in Infectious Diseases and Microbial Immunology, has accepted a position as a Clinical Microbiologist at Purdue University.

Bryce Henderson, a junior biochemistry/ microbiology major, was one of 25 undergraduates to be awarded an undergraduate research scholarship. Henderson, an Honors College student mentored by Hector Aguilar, will research the interactions between two viral glycoproteins that are responsible for fusion and entry of a virus into the host cell, specifically paramyxovirus, such as influenza and Nipah virus.

George Wudiri passed his preliminary doctoral examination with the guidance of his major professor Dr. Anthony Nicola. George is a Fellow in the NIH Training Program.

George Wudiri, Jackie Stone, and Petronella Hove were awarded first, second, and third place, respectively, for their poster presentations at the college’s 2013 Student Research Symposium.

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