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One World, One Health

The Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health is working in partnership with the University of Washington and Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV), Brazil, to develop collaborative ONE HEALTH research and training programs. Last fall, the Allen School hosted a day-long symposium to discuss these partners’ joint interests including zoonotic and emerging/neglected infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and drug and vaccine development for protozoal diseases. Faculty members from the three institutions shared presentations on their research programs, and followed up with discussions of opportunities for integration of interdisciplinary, ONE HEALTH research focused on Brazil. The day also featured a tour of WSU’s Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL) and Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Dr. Christina Pettan-Brewer of the UW School of Medicine spearheaded the effort, building on her experience in infectious disease research and developing international exchange programs between veterinarians and veterinary medicine students in the US and her native Brazil.  “This is a great opportunity for us to extend our global health partnership with UW into longstanding collaborations among WSU and Brazilian colleagues” summarized Dr. Guy Palmer, Director of the Allen School. 


In December 2013, Dr. Pettan-Brewer followed up on the successful Allen School symposium by working with faculty members and administrators from WSU, UW and UFV to formally establish the ONE HEALTH Center of Excellence in Latin America, located at UFV. Led by Dr. Pettan-Brewer in the US and Dr. Luis Nero in Brazil, the new Center seeks to improve lives through the integration of human medicine, veterinary medicine and environmental science, and to develop productive partnerships throughout Latin America. A second ONE HEALTH research and training coordination symposium will be held at UFV in Fall 2014. 

These efforts are already producing results. In December 2013, the symposium partner institutions along with University of Glasgow, UK, submitted a joint proposal to the Global Innovation Inititative, a program of the US Department of State’s  Institute of International Education. Led by Dr. Douglas Call of the Allen School, the team proposed a two-year project to develop collaborative training programs for DVM, MD, and PhD students focused on antimicrobial resistance, as well as multi-project, multidisciplinary antimicrobial resistance research proposals focused on Brazil and involving all partner institutions. Planning is also in the works for two UFV veterinary medicine graduates to participate in post-doctoral training at UW and WSU in 2015.

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