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These are the star qualities that landed us our jobs

Mar 9, 2018
This week, we engage a young TV director, a TV reporter and a scientist, who reveal the qualities that propeled them to their current roles, the contributions they have made in their organisations, the challenges they face and how this mix has moulded them into the professionals they are.
The workplace in Kenya, and indeed all over the world, is getting younger and younger, as it is, millennials constitute a significant fraction of the workforce in most organisations. Some industries such as broadcast media and tech firms have been quick to tap into this young talent, energy and elasticity, and even entrusted them with central roles. International auditing firm PwC, had aimed for an 80 per cent composition of youth in its personnel globally by 2016. Though conservative companies have been slower to engage the youth in focal roles, generally, the tide of a more youthful workforce is fast rising.