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    Saving babies: first international collaboration to study infant health, culture, lactation connection
    Two Washington State University researchers are leading the first comprehensive international study of human lactation and milk composition.
    CAS in the Media
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    Proteins allow Nipah virus to 'break into' cells
    Scientists from Washington State University claim to have discovered how one of the planet's most deadly viruses uses teamwork to "break into" the human cell.
    Medical News Today
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    Studies to probe confluence of human, animal and environmental health in Africa
    Several UW researchers are working on disease prediction and control by looking at the interrelationships of people, other living creatures and their habitats.
    UW News
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    Fighting a sly, crippling disease
    Brucellosis is nasty stuff. Over time the bacteria settle in the joints where they can do real damage. Both literally and figuratively, brucellosis is a crippling disease.
    WSU Insider
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    How veterinary medicine can save the world
    According to one researcher, veterinarians' understanding of issues affecting global health is unmatched—which requires their involvement on the world stage.
  • Jean Celli in the laboratory
    Brucellosis microbe infects, performs like giant
    Jean Celli is uncovering some of the secrets of brucella’s success, adding to the knowledge about how the bacteria spread inside the body and outwit the immune system.
    WSU Insider
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    Gov. Jay Inslee at WSU
    Gov. Jay Inslee toured Washington State University's Paul G. Allen Center for Global Animal Health and the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL).
    Moscow-Pullman Daily News
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    Vaccinating Dogs Against Rabies in East Africa
    Rabies is a global health issue, claiming fifty to sixty thousand lives every year. Most of these deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
    VOA News
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    Listen to the report on rabies in East Africa
    Researchers in East Africa are making progress in controlling the spread of rabies, the most lethal virus in the world.
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    Team maps genes of 10th costly animal pathogen
    A team of scientists at Washington State University recently sequenced and published the genome of their 10th animal disease microorganism.
    WSU Insider

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