Global Animal Health News

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    Gov. Jay Inslee at WSU
    Gov. Jay Inslee toured Washington State University's Paul G. Allen Center for Global Animal Health and the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL).
    Moscow-Pullman Daily News
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    Vaccinating Dogs Against Rabies in East Africa
    Rabies is a global health issue, claiming fifty to sixty thousand lives every year. Most of these deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
    VOA News
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    Listen to the report on rabies in East Africa
    Researchers in East Africa are making progress in controlling the spread of rabies, the most lethal virus in the world.
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    Team maps genes of 10th costly animal pathogen
    A team of scientists at Washington State University recently sequenced and published the genome of their 10th animal disease microorganism.
    WSU Insider
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    Journal names Allen Center building of the year
    The Paul G. Allen Center for Global Animal Health at Washington State University won the Building of the Year contest sponsored by the Seattle-based Daily Journal of Commerce.
    Daily Journal of Commerce
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    Salmonella pull off the ultimate inside job
    If eating a spoonful of raw cookie dough never wracked you with cramps and diarrhea, then you dodged the salmonella bullet, according to a Washington State University scientist whose work has shed light on how the bacterium launches its attack on the human gut.
    WSU News
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    What is the future of Lincoln Park Zoo's rabies program in Africa?
    As the fight against rabies expands to new fronts globally, Lincoln Park Zoo plots its future in Tanzania.
    Chicago Tribune
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    New Way Revealed for Antibiotic Resistance to Spread
    Washington State University researchers have found an unlikely recipe for antibiotic resistant bacteria: Mix cow dung and soil, and add urine infused with metabolized antibiotic.
    Medical News Today
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    WSU officials, donors dedicate home for global animal health
    “Today represents an important milestone in our University’s long and distinguished history,” said WSU President Elson S. Floyd.
    WSU Insider
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    Global food security addressed by WSU faculty
    Serving as moderators and speakers, faculty addressed global food security today in Buffalo, New York.
    WSU Insider