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  • Jennifer Zambriski
    Tiny parasite, big disease: 22 years since fatal outbreak
    Twenty-two years ago this month, residents of Milwaukee started falling ill with nausea, diarrhea and abdominal cramps.
    WSU Insider
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    Fear the measles virus – not the vaccine
    The virus that took hold at the resort shortly before Christmas has journeyed beyond the “happiest place on earth” to sicken people in 14 states, including Washington, Oregon, Utah and Arizona.
    WSU Insider
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    Carnivores Spread Distemper to Lions
    New research shows that dogs are no longer the primary source of a disease that has infected and killed lions in Tanzania.
    Voice of America
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    Dog disease in lions spread by multiple species
    Canine distemper, a viral disease that’s been infecting the famed lions of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, appears to be spread by multiple animal species.
    WSU Insider
  • Margaret Davis in her office
    Serve a great turkey, not salmonella, for the holiday
    Margaret Davis investigates the many ways these pathogens are transmitted and why some strains have become resistant to antibiotics.
    WSU Insider
  • WSU Shield
    Notes from the Field: Visiting Risper Oyogo
    Today I am having the Kisumu County medical epidemiologist, Dr. Dickens Onyango, accompany me for a field visit to the Allen School research projects in the Lwak area, by the shores of Lake Victoria.
    Global Health Perspective
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    Animals R us – ‘Zoobiquity’ conference Nov. 1
    At the Zoobiquity Conference veterinary and human medicine experts will address this and other ways that animal and human health are interconnected.
    WSU Insider
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    The WSU Rabies Vaccination Program working to eliminate rabies worldwide.
    Worldwide vaccination of dogs could virtually eliminate rabies in people, but world leaders just can’t be bothered to care about it.
    NBC News
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    WSU geneticist helps solve mystery of Arctic peoples
    Danish researchers have concluded that North America and the Arctic were settled in at least three pulses of migration from Siberia.
    WSU Insider
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    Ebola outbreak surprising, but not the ‘Next Big One’
    As the Ebola virus continues its swift spread across four West Africa countries, including several major cities, two scientists at Washington State University are monitoring reports from afar with measured concern.
    WSU Insider