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Barbara Martin

Adjunct Faculty

Prior to joining the Allen School, Barb was employed for 30 years by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  She recently retired after serving since 2004 as Coordinator of the United States National Animal Health Laboratory Network.

As the Coordinator of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network, Barb developed and implemented the policies necessary to ensure adequate diagnostic capacity and capability to address foreign animal diseases and newly emerging diseases, including bioterrorist events, which threaten the nation’s food supply and public health.   She coordinated the implementation of national, standardized surveillance for high priority diseases including the first active surveillance program for a foreign animal disease (classical swine fever) as well as for emerging public health concerns (pandemic H1N1).  

Barb’s extensive experience in diagnostic laboratory operations and management includes national and international laboratory reviews to assess diagnostic capabilities and the development of plans to address associated gaps. She has established national and international training related to quality management systems, and has extensive experience in development of policies and processes for deployment and use of diagnostic technologies and associated proficiency testing programs. Her expertise also includes diagnostic assay validation, including assays for diseases such as foot and mouth disease and classical swine fever. She has also been responsible for the production, evaluation, and distribution of diagnostic reference materials for brucellosis, tuberculosis, Johne’s disease, classical swine fever, and foot and mouth disease.  

Barb is currently engaged in strengthening laboratory capacity in east Africa and is interested in global disease surveillance and the establishment of sustainable diagnostic laboratory systems.